Mary and Pogo at Lake George - Photographer Jane Durkin This photo is of me and my dear companion, Pogo, a miniature poodle who inspired several of my poems. I’ve written a bit of poetry all my life but I had no idea how it was that I came to do this. My mother read poetry to me, and my grandmother loved to recite poetry, but I knew no one who wrote it. Then, recently a wonderful thing happened! A cousin sent me a poem that my father had written to her mother when he was twenty and she was sixteen. (See LINK for "Dad’s Poem" at right.) My father had been killed in a motor vehicle accident when I was two and I had known almost nothing about the kind of a person he was. Now here was a poem he had written in a voice which I recognized as being very close to my own. I like to think that all the time I’d been writing poetry, I’d been following in Dad’s footsteps.

I’ve had no formal education in poetry beyond that which I encountered in an undergraduate liberal arts program. Much of that faded away while I acquired a Ph.D. in Psychology and an M.D. with a specialty in Internal Medicine and a subspecialty in Rheumatology. Presently retired, during the last several years I’ve begun to educate myself, participating in local poetry workshops and joining the online workshop, Eratosphere, hosted by Able Muse. Beginning in June of 2005, I’ve attended five of the annual Poetry Conferences sponsored by the West Chester University Poetry Center in West Chester, PA. I recommend both Eratosphere and the West Chester Poetry Conference to anyone especially interested in writing poetry in form (see LINKS at right).

I hope you’ll enjoy the sampling of my poems presented here. Just click on one of the categories (under POEMS on the right) to read some. At this point, a good many have been published in poetry journals and anthologies. A few have won prizes. I’ve listed the credits, if any, at the end of each poem. I welcome your comments concerning my work. At the bottom of this page you’ll see my Guest Book where you can sign in and record your thoughts or read what others have written.

On the Path
For further enjoyment, you might like to order, from Amazon “On the Path,” a collection of 76 of my best poems, published by Kelsay Books in late 2014 (Cover pictured here with a link to the Amazon entry on the right). The lovely color illustration on the cover of my book is the work of my nephew, Matthew T. Kline. To see more of his photographs, click on his link to the right. For a source of some other online poetry, check out the magnificent collection of the works of many fine poets at The HyperTexts (link at right).

Alan Bell, my Webmaster, is also the Webmaster at Riddles from the Border Regions where you can find (link at right) fascinating riddles, often written in rhyme, to try to solve.



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